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A foreword to our delays in updating the web site: Well we are now in Brasil. You may ask, why it always takes so much to update the web site. When we land we have had up to now always somebody who would pick us up. That is a great thing, when you arrive to a foreign country, even if you know the language. So we spend the day with them, then we must think if we have to put up our tent, or if we are lucky to sleep in a nice bed.

Then we are so tired, that no writing is done. Pictures are always taken, but then one has to make a selection. The next day we are busy going around, and in the evening, either we have electricity for the computer, or we cannot use it. Now at this time, we have electricity, but no internet. the city is far away, and it is hard to get there.

So be patient.

Welcome to Carriacou, a nice little island.

We just spent two nights, since Mike Trim, our friend from Guyana, was waiting for us. This time we did not feel like putting up our tent. It is raining constantly, and we do not want to pack a wet tent in the airplane. On the other hand, we have to leave at 7 a.m. and until we get everything packed, it takes around two hours.

A small guest house is our temporary home, it has even a kitchen we can use, and it is very clean. Price: U$ 30.

Now and then the airport is visited by aero taxis. We were the only private ones at this time. We receive always the attention from the other pilots. We are proud, our little airplane is a very attractive little plane.

The airport is so near to town, that we did not need the bicycles. Some swim at the beach, some web site work at the restaurant, and the two days were over.


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