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Welcome to Guyana.

Ex english Guyana, now independent. As we landed, there was Michael Trim waiting for us at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport .

After making all paper work, we headed to Georgetown to his uncles house were we started to make plans for the following days. The markets in all parts of the world are the most exciting places.

The result was this delicious breakfast. In any case one has to be a good cook to know how to use all these variety of vegetables, and aunt Margaret was a great cook and we just wanted to be invited every day to her house to taste all her wonderful specialties that have an indian origin, spicy and juicy.

Plans are made. We make a tour down the river Essequiel, visit the a gold mining city and bathe in a water fall inside the jungle. It was fascinating going with the speed boat down the river. We stopped at a gold mining barge to ask how everything works, and the first thing they said: Oh, you are the people from the TV, right? Here in the middle of the river and the jungle they saw us on TV, since the day before they made an interview of us.


Our film equipment is not heavy, but after an hour walking, in 32°C with 95% humidity, each kilogramm weighs a ton. Michael helped a lot carrying the heavy tripod and also the camera.

Finally there we were at the water fall. The water looks reddish because of the soil, but it is cleaner than most waters that come out of the tub in developped countries. I cannot resist, and jumped into the water and let myself massage with the power of the fall. That was just the right thing after the long walk. Look closer at the picture, you just see my head.

Our first time in the jungle! Our first time down a jungle river!

At this time there is not much general aviation in Guyana, but maybe with the effort of Michael Trim and the Minister of Tourism, together with the heads of Civil Aviation things can change. It is a exciting country, but still with too high landing fees, navigation fees and permissions to fly to other airports.

In any case thanks to Michael Trim all our fees were exonerated except for the navigation fee. Thanks Michael for all the effort and for the SPOT.

SPOT SATELLITE NAVIGATION. We have been sponsored by SPOT . On this web site under "HERE WE ARE SPOT", you can localize our position. It might take some time to download the page, but be patient. Every flight will be spotted , and you can see every step of our flight.

Due to bad weather we could not leave the day we wanted, but that was just destiny. We met the owner of the airport of OGLE, Capt. Gerald Gouveia and his wife Capt. Debbie Gouveia, and the most important of all the PRESIDENT OF GUYANA HIS EXCELLENCY BHARRAT JAGDEO . It was a real honour for us.

19.05.2009 we departed from OGLE AIRPORT, not from the International Airport, this was only possible due to Michael Trim's effort.

Thanks again Michael for all what you have done for us.

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