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If u give up..

Sitting here I think about our friend Gary´s license plate . You can use this sentence every day in your life, but today it makes more sense than ever, lying here in the hospital.

One week ago, we were doing our last shots and during an overall routine check the doctor advised me to see a thyroid specialist. Well, that will not hurt, but somewhat confused, since I was feeling great, and just thinking about our return to Argentina.

10 days later my thyroid has been removed, the carcinoma was removed , and I lost my voice.I am hanging here with a canula in my throat . I cannot talk and every time I have to take a sip of water I have to meditate so not to choke..

We came to Cologne especially because of their good thyroid surgeons, and I just cannot cope with this disaster.

The next day I woke up, I thought this was just a nightmare, but when I saw Detlefs tears running down his cheeks, I knew this was the cruel reality.

The world just fell in parts. What about our dream.. our flight? And there comes Garys license plate to my mind.

The plans goes on, just some time for recovery, maybe more due to the shock than anything else. I am still alive and Detlef has won the record in the World Guiness book for the longest staying visitor in a Hospital. From 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. he is here holding up my moral, caring about me better than any doctor, any nurse, anybody in this world.

Love makes life look pink even if it looks black, why should I give up? I don't want to go down! The world is out there and life is still beautiful!

Argentina is waiting for us, the penguins and the sea lions! The deep South of Tierra del Fuego, the Andes, the Pampa.

Detlef is working hard on his Spanish, and I will work hard to see if I can recover my voice. More than one doctor looked into my throat just like the bird on the picture, but when it comes to the mysteries of life, no doctor can tell anything. Why did I loose my voice being my vocal cords in order?

The nights in a hospital are endless. At this very moment we just can plan from one day to the other.

Tonight is again a long night, and I write . I think about of all our flying friends, and all the ones we will meet. From the beginning we shared our experiences with all of you, and this if just one experience more that I felt I had to share. It is not my mishap I want to share, but to give everybody the strength for life.So, if anybody has a dream, don´t give up!

The hospital has gone to rest, everything is so quiet, I just can hear my breath through this awful canula. The night watch arrived, good night.

Till the next time.

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