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We can fly now, but hmm, we did fly only one time an RV7. What now? Jump on the airplane and fly?? Oh no. First some transition training. We found a very good flight instructor for RV´s here in the nearby. Jan Bussel showed us what to expect from an RV. Quick response, speed, wheel landings, etc. He is a great RV instructor. Here his email:janjoyce at

We recommend to have a transition training before going on this wild airplane. Now we are prepared for the first flight.

Flying your own built airplane for the first time has nothing to do with flying any airplane for the first time. It is YOUR OWN BUILT AIRPLANE, the one that was born out of your hands rivet by rivet. The one that gave you joy and sometimes also headaches. That is the airplane you know from the inside and outside. It is not just an airplane that you bought.

Yes, the first flight is like flying to heaven. You can´t stop your tears coming in your eyes. All the effort was worth while. All those long days riveting, matching, cutting, wiring, painting. It was just a 30 minutes flight, but what an experience. Those minutes where more than the 2000 hours flight time.

The next day we had a surprise. The propeller did not feather. After revising all the installation we finally called MT. It was not the propeller, but the crank shaft plug that was not right installed by Superior. So we just hit it tight inside and the problem was fixed, but still this is something that should not happen. You imagine that when you get a brand new engine, everything should work 100% and not that some parts are not duly installed. Due to this problem we lost one week, since it happened just on the 29th December when everybody was on holidays and did not come back until the 7th january. This was not the only mistake by Superior.They installed us an old ignition system with no tach output. We are not really satisfied with them.

Now comes the flight testing period: 40 hours. We fly from one airport airport to the other. In U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring we met Dan from Avmap. In the meantime after flying, are we bored??? Did we say we were ready with building? Well no, wheel pants have still to be done, the sound-proofing , installing skis Mike helps us out sewing the interior. And the big world is finally on our tail.

I am more than happy to be in the air!

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